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Are you suffering from a burn injury that someone else’s negligence has caused? Does it seem that your recovery will be costly, lengthy, and painful? You should not have to forge ahead on your own dollar and without the utmost comfort possible. If you have been badly burned and it was not your fault, contact our Charleston burn injury lawyers today for legal counsel backed by 150+ years of collective experience.

We offer contingency fees to our clients, which means we do not get paid unless you are handed a settlement through negotiations or courtroom litigation. If and when we do get paid, we only receive a percentage of your settlement amount so you never have to worry about paying us more than you get. When you pair up our contingency fee agreements with our free case evaluations, you can utilize our AV® Preeminent™ Rated by Martindale-Hubble® team for nothing upfront and nothing out of pocket!

Having a lawyer at your side gives your claim the best chance of success. We’re here to represent your rights. When we look into your case, we’ll gather evidence to find out how your injury occurred, who was negligent, and what the accident cost you. Your settlement should reflect the damages you suffered so you can get back on your feet.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Although burn injuries are frequently severe when they occur, this does not make them infrequent. When people act negligently around hazardous areas or dangerous devices, or if they do not follow proper safety protocols, a burn injury can cause serious harm in a split second and without warning.

Accidents or incidents that may result in a burn injury include:

However, one does not have to necessarily work in environments where burn injuries have a higher chance of occurring for them to happen. Some burn accidents can happen in your house. There are various types of burn injuries that one can get. Let’s look into the types of burns and what causes them.

  • Thermal burns. A thermal burn happens when your skin touches a hot substance. This could be a hot metal surface, scalding liquids, or open flames.
  • Chemical burns. Those who work around dangerous chemicals may be exposed to acids or other toxic substances that can cause serious burns.
  • Electrical burns. If electrical wiring is frayed or someone touches anything conducting an electrical current, you could get electrical burns. Electricians are at risk for these types of injuries.
  • Friction burns. A common injury for motorcyclists, friction burns occur when an object rubs against your skin, causing the skin to break. The injury could look like a scrape or it could be much more severe.
  • Radiation burns. Everyone is familiar with sunburn. It’s a common form of a radiation burn. However, if long term exposure occurs, the sunburn can become more severe.
  • Cold burns. In some cases, extremely cold temperatures can freeze your skin and cause burns. This is known as “frostbite.”

Your lawyer will listen to your account of the injury as well as review your medical records to find the source of what burned you. Your medical records will also reflect the severity of your injury. Let’s look into how dangerous burn injuries can get.

Degrees of Severity for Burn Injuries

The worse your burn injury, the longer it will likely take for you to recover. The longer it takes to recover from a burn injury, if a full recovery is even possible, the costlier the medical treatments become. If you have been burned, understanding the severity of your injury can help you determine how much compensation you should pursue from the liable party.

Burn degree severities are:

  • First-degree: Redding of the skin with irritation; normally only requires first aid.
  • Second-degree: Blistering of the skin accompanied by lingering pain if not treated properly.
  • Third-degree: Flesh whitens, and pain is severe; requires immediate medical attention.
  • Fourth-degree: Skin will blacken, and nerves, muscle, and bone may be destroyed; full recovery is not guaranteed, even with emergency medical care.
  • Fifth-and sixth-degree: Widespread or deep burns that are not considered to be survivable.

Burns can cause health complications for the rest of your life. If the burn is able to damage nerves, you may not fully recover the use of the affected area. For example, a burn on your arm could prevent you from being able to use its full range of motion. This can limit you in completing everyday tasks like reaching up to get something off a high shelf or even writing a note.

If your injury prevents you from returning to work, our lawyers will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Choosing between paying a past medical bill or getting necessary ongoing treatment isn’t a choice you should have to make.

At DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC, we make a point to work together as a team for each case that comes our way. By utilizing the know-how and knowledge of all of our Charleston burn accident attorneys, we are able to successfully approach each case from every angle, never missing a crucial bit of evidence to use to your advantage. Get in touch with us today for a completely complimentary case evaluation to get you started in the right direction.

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