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To run a successful business it’s likely you’ll need to be prepared to resolve disputes quickly while protecting your interests and rights. Disputes can arise for a number of reasons and can negatively impact your business if they’re not taken care of in the proper manner. Our Charleston commercial litigation lawyers have years of experience representing businesses in this city and the surrounding communities.

DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC has recovered millions in compensation for our commercial litigation clients in Charleston and all over the state. Our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving the following:

  • Securities or stockbroker fraud
  • Shareholder claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Contract disputes
  • Lender liability
  • Business torts
  • Contractor disputes
  • Consumer law cases
  • Environmental damages claims related to the coal mining industry
  • Business fraud
  • Bad faith insurance
  • Business interruption insurance 

Even if your legal matter does not fall into one of the categories above, we can assist you with your case. Commercial litigation can include many types of disputes and other issues that can arise in business deals. We’ll take a look at your case to see what went wrong, who was at fault, and will act to get you the justice you deserve.

Understanding Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation, or commercial law, involves almost every type of dispute that arises within the context of business. This can occur from state and federal courts to private business arbitrations and administrative hearings. Generally, the proceedings involve business-to-business disputes.

It’s important to understand your own motivations and outlooks, as well as those of the other side when entering into official commercial litigation. This can help you build a strong case, so you reach the outcome you deserve. The stakes are often high with these types of cases and can become increasingly difficult depending on how many parties are involved and how many discoveries are made as the case progresses.

When hiring an attorney, you’ll want to find one who is efficient, creative, and of sound judgment. A law firm will help you develop and implement a unique legal approach based on your situation. These cases are often incredibly complex and can take a significant amount of time to settle.  A successful case is typically driven by a strong client relationship, practical management skills, strong leadership, personal commitment, and deep experience.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping our clients handle their legal matters. We’ll hold the other party accountable so you can move forward with confidence.

Common Business Disputes

There are a number of legal disputes that could arise that fit under commercial law. Our attorneys represent clients in all types of businesses and fight all kinds of commercial litigation claims.

Insurance Claim Disputes

When an insurance company goes against their policy and the policyholder suffers damages as a result, they are not acting in the policyholder’s best interests. Insurance companies have a legal responsibility to their clients to follow through with agreements and abide by what the policies say. If they try to get away with not doing this, they can be held accountable.

You may be wondering if an insurance company is acting dishonestly. Our expert lawyers will review what happened to you. We’ll examine the policy and the actions that followed. If there are grounds for you to take legal action, we’ll be there to help.

We understand how difficult it can be to dispute an insurance claim denial on your own, but you don’t have to go through this process alone. You can have peace of mind when you have the experienced representation of Charleston commercial litigation lawyers on your side.

Corporate Disputes

These often involve acquisitions, mergers, and business divorce. While some of these cases are held in court, many contracts now require companies to first try arbitration or mediation prior to entering the courtroom. Arbitration involves both parties coming before a voluntary third party. This is a formal process that results in a binding decision. Mediation allows one party to disagree with the settlement and take the case to court.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes happen for a number of reasons when two people own a business together and work together. Some of the most common causes of these disputes include a breach of fiduciary duty, a failure to delineate authority, disputes over how resources should be used, or a failure to fairly distribute workloads.

We understand how difficult it can be when people are acting with dishonesty and not following past agreements. Their actions can put you in a tough spot, whether it involves an insurance policy claim or a contract with a business or business partner.

When this happens, the other side may also have their own representation. They may use any tactics to intimidate you or to get a result that favors their bottom line and not yours.

When you seek help from our law firm, know that our attorneys will fight for you. We’ll carefully investigate the contract or agreement you have with the other party and look into how the other party failed to meet their side. We’ll do everything we can to get you the justice you deserve.

Our Lawyers Help Clients with Property Disputes

You may be seeking representation from one of our attorneys because you’re involved in a matter that’s about property. There are different categories your situation may fall under. We’re here to help.

Construction Defects

Some cases involve property owners and building contractors who are disputing over design and construction flaws. A property owner may feel as though the contractor did not follow through with their agreement or did poor work. Issues revolving around payment and collections are also common.

If you agreed on specific terms and the construction that was done doesn’t match those terms, you may have grounds to seek compensation for construction defects. Signs of this can include part of the construction failing and injuring someone, using poor materials, or any other defect that can cause physical harm to someone and financially affects the property owner.

Commercial Real Estate Lease Agreements

Property owners, developers, landlords, and tenants could find themselves dealing with a commercial law issue. Disputes often revolve around fee and tax calculations, continuous operations clauses, relocation clauses, exclusivity provisions, termination agreements, premises liability, and security matters.

What Commercial Litigation Claims Deal with Contract Disagreements?

Any time you have a contract with someone, the parties involved agree to certain terms. While this may not occur without some negotiation on both parts, they usually reach an agreement and form the contract. If someone is going against the contract, by either not meeting certain requirements, is evading part of the agreement, or the contract isn’t valid, then we can help you stand up for your rights.

Contract disagreements include the following:

Sales and Purchasing Agreements

Sometimes, contracts are breached with regard to buying and selling agreements. When this happens, we do what it takes to find a cost-effective resolution that keeps our clients out of court and protects their bottom line.

Breach of Contract

When a contract is signed, both parties are agreeing to certain obligations for some sort of exchange. When one party goes against what they’ve signed, the contract has been breached. This may be excusable if the contract is void. This can happen if one party lacked the mental capacity to make the contract, one party was under duress during the sign, one party was a minor, the purpose of the contract was illegal, or the contract changed.

Tortious Interference

This occurs when a third party knowingly interferes with a contract to cause a breach that results in damages to one of both parties. Interference could happen through encouragement, threats, or coercion. This, for example, could happen when an employee under a non-compete clause breaches their contract to work with another company.

It can be frustrating when the other side isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. But this doesn’t mean you’re out of options. This is why our lawyers are here. We’ll make sure your rights are protected and we will fight for you.

Types of Litigation Involving Fraud

If you’re dealing with a large business that broke promises or made decisions because you were given bad information, then you may have legal grounds to take action. Those types of cases may fall under the following categories:  

Warranty and Guarantee Litigation

A warranty is usually a written promise for a product. It tends to hold the maker of the product responsible in the event something is defective. A guarantee is the promise included in a formal warranty. Litigation is often necessary when a purchaser is seeking compensation for business fraud or contract breaches related to warranties and agreements.

Stocker Broker Fraud

Also referred to as securities fraud, this occurs when investors make purchases or sale decisions based on false information provided by a stockbroker. Those decisions can result in significant losses.

The Charleston commercial litigation lawyers at DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC can help you when the other party has acted fraudulently. Let’s look into the advantages of having skilled representation on your side.

How You Can Benefit from Hiring a Commercial Litigator 

A commercial litigator is versed in transactions, financial matters, economic and legal disputes, and litigation. They are dedicated to assisting with business transactions and ensuring that arrangements and deals are valid and legal. Many of their tasks often take place outside of the courtroom when they are drafting and analyzing contracts’ terms of agreements by creating nondisclosure agreements, changing conditions in contracts with companies, or examining legal documents for loopholes.

When a company has been wronged and litigation is necessary, the attorney will be responsible for filing motions in the courtroom and seeking action. No matter what the case, it’s the goal of a commercial litigator to protect and assist in the best interests of the business they work for.

If your case needs to go to court, our lawyers are prepared to do so. We have plenty of experience in building strong legal cases and presenting them in the clearest way possible. We’ll do everything we can for you and your future.

This also includes helping you. When you’re headed to court, it’s common to be nervous. One of our attorneys can go over all the important aspects of the day. We’ll explain how the process works so you know what to expect from the proceedings. This includes the order of who will present their sides of the story, how to address the court when necessary, and how to conduct yourself when you’re in a court of law.

Our lawyers will practice talking points and any questions you might be asked so you know how to answer. This preparedness can help you with nerves so you’re calm and ready for your case.

We’ll also advise on dress code, which can help you make a strong first impression. You’ll feel confident in your appearance and will be able to focus on your case. If you have any questions, our attorneys are here for you.

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If your company has a number of legal needs, you can benefit from hiring our attorneys. We often represent small businesses that have been harmed by much larger companies. Through our contingency fee arrangement, we are able to level the playing field between individuals and small businesses and the large companies who harmed them.

Under the contingency fee arrangement, you don’t have to pay us anything up front for our legal services. If we are successful, our fee will be a percentage of the jury award or settlement we obtain for you. If we are not successful in obtaining compensation for you, you will owe us nothing. We can also handle commercial litigation cases on an hourly or other basis. We defend commercial cases as well.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our lawyers have obtained some of the largest jury awards and settlements in West Virginia. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today.

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