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Who’s Liable When Someone Is Seriously Injured on a Trampoline?

Published on Jul 31, 2019 at 1:58 pm in Premises Liability.

Trampolines are a fun and different way to be active. Adults may see it as a form of exercise and kids typically can’t wait to get on one and start jumping until they tire themselves out. While trampolines may seem like an enjoyable way to pass the time, there are considerable concerns when it comes to the types of injuries a trampoline can cause. It’s even more confusing when you’re wondering who is liable for the injury.

What Kind of Injuries Can Trampolines Cause?

In a study looking at trampoline-related injuries, most injuries took place on the trampoline’s body. This includes falling, colliding with other jumpers, falling onto frames or springs, and other injuries include people falling off the trampoline. Most injuries happened when there were more than two people jumping at once.

Common injuries included fractures, ligament injury, and extremity injuries. Typically, lower extremity injuries were more common. Ankle ligaments were common, along with overstretching neck ligaments, and fractured elbows.

The study concluded that trampolines are high-risk activities, however they did not push for a ban. Instead, the study emphasizes the need for trampoline safety.

While these injuries can happen, you can take measures to reduce the chances of them happening. If you put a net up, there’s an extra barrier to keep people from falling off the edge. If children are jumping, an adult should supervise to keep anyone from doing anything dangerous. It may be a good idea to keep young children off trampolines or if they do go on, no one is jumping as hard as they usually do. Limit the amount of people allowed on the trampoline. People can easily jump or flip into each other on a crowded trampoline.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Trampoline Injuries?

If you or your child was injured while jumping on a trampoline, you’re probably wondering about who the liable party is. You need to take into account where the accident happened and how you were injured. This could possibly lead you to know who is at fault if you’re injured while jumping.

You may be jumping on someone’s trampoline in their backyard. If they give you permission, this may show that they’re responsible for your safety. Property owners are supposed to make sure their premises is safe for people. If they fail to warn you about any potential dangers or give any instructions and you’re injured on their trampoline, they may be the ones responsible for your accident.

This also applies to situations where they assembled the trampoline but didn’t do a thorough job and the trampoline isn’t stable. They may have put the trampoline on uneven ground, which can lead to issues with tipping.

However, just because you’re injured on their trampoline, it doesn’t mean that they are directly liable. There’s a possibility that the manufacturer of the trampoline is to blame. They may have issued a trampoline with defective parts or has inadequate design that makes it dangerous to use. In cases like this, the retailer that sold the trampoline may also be held liable. If this is the case, our product liability attorneys can help you hold the negligent company liable for their actions.

Trampoline parks are a form of entertainment and allow people to get on trampolines without having to know someone who owns one or buy one themselves. Typically, if you go to these places, they have you sign a waiver for children under 18 saying you as a parent give them permission to jump. This may make legal matters more complex if your child is injured while jumping. However, you should still meet with an attorney. It’s possible that your child’s injury happened because of negligence on the business’ part. You may have a valid claim if this is the case.

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