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When you’re on someone else’s property, they are required by law to keep the premises safe and warn those on the premises of non-obvious hazards. If they don’t do this, then people can sustain serious injuries in a slip and fall accident. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be eligible for compensation. Seeking compensation can provide financial relief to the losses you’ve incurred. However, the legal process is often complicated and difficult to do on your own. A Huntington slip and fall accident lawyer from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC will advocate for your rights and fight to get you fair compensation.

Our firm is proud to help West Virginia citizens who have been wrongfully injured. Often, when someone is hurt, insurance companies will contact them and try to settle the matter early. They may seem polite at first, but then the questions may change to be more specific. The insurance company is likely trying to get you to say something that they could use to give you less compensation than you deserve. If you settle early, they get to protect their bottom line. With our attorneys at your side, you won’t have to worry about harassing phone calls or visits from the insurance company. We can help you with the information they need and what to say so you do not put your claim in jeopardy.

How Does a Slip and Fall Accident Happen?

It only takes seconds for a slip and fall accident to occur. When there are safety hazards that put people in danger, they may be non-obvious or unmarked, and it results in an accident that causes injuries. When our lawyers in Huntington West Virginia look at your case, we’ll gather evidence to determine what happened. We’ve handled slip and fall cases in the past and know the common causes of these accidents. It’s possible one of the following reasons caused your injuries:

  • Ice/Snow on Untreated Sidewalks. Inclement weather can make sidewalks dangerous. Owners should salt and shovel the sidewalks so they’re safe. Neglecting to do this could easily cause someone to lose their balance and fall on ice and concrete.
  • Debris or Clutter in Walkway. If a walkway is full of unorganized cords or items are stacked haphazardly throughout the walkway, people could trip and injure themselves.
  • Uneven or Unstable Walkway, Stairs, or Railing. Uneven surfaces or items that cannot support someone when they’re supposed to could easily cause a slip and fall.
  • Torn or Unanchored Carpet. Carpets with holes can easily trap a person’s foot and cause a fall. If the carpet isn’t anchored, it can slide underneath someone as they’re walking and make them lose their balance.
  • Poor Lighting. When an area has inadequate lighting, they cannot properly see where they’re going. They may not see an uneven sidewalk or spill and end up falling as a result.
  • Potholes. Parking lots with potholes and large cracks could cause someone’s foot to become stuck and result in a fall.
  • Spilled Liquids. If someone spills a drink at a restaurant, it should be mopped up. If it isn’t, anyone could slip on the spill, but there’s also the danger of not putting up a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign after the area was recently mopped.
  • Recently Cleaned Floors. Floors that were recently waxed are extremely slippery. Without proper signage, people will not know to slow down and walk carefully.

Even if you don’t recognize what caused your accident in the list above, you should still get in touch with our Huntington, WV slip and fall lawyers. We’ll be able to go over what happened to you. If someone’s negligence did cause your injuries, we’ll find out what they did and the injuries you suffered.

Slip and Fall Accident Injuries and Damages

After a slip and fall accident, you could be handling serious injuries that require intense medical care. Some of your injuries may have long-lasting consequences. Slip and fall injuries can include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury. When people fall, they may not catch themselves in time and hit their heads. If you slipped on ice and your head hit the ground, you could have a traumatic brain injury. This will need immediate medical care. While you may walk away with a mild traumatic brain injury, you will still need to follow a treatment plan and let your brain heal.
  • Broken Bones. Whatever hits the ground first will bear most of the impact. In some cases, this can break bones. For senior citizens, a broken hip after a fall is a major concern as these injuries can become infected and will take intense medical treatment to help them heal.
  • Spinal Injury. If you hit your back, you may injure your spinal cord. This could result in an injury that affects your motor functions. For example, if you damaged a lower part of your spine, you may experience loss of motor function in your legs.
  • Sprains. It’s often an automatic reaction to try and catch yourself with your hands if you’re falling. However, this can result in sprained wrists and arms. These soft tissue injuries will likely need medical treatment.

Your slip and fall injuries can put you in the hospital and require future care when you’re cleared to leave. While you may be on the path to recovery, you may not be able to work during this time. Dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and affording future care can be a lot for one person to handle at once. That’s why our Huntington, WV attorneys will fight for your compensation to cover these costs so you can recover in peace.

Get Trusted Representation in Huntington, West Virginia

You have legal options after you’ve sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident. With a lawyer from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC at your side, you’ll know someone is looking out for your best interests. In West Virginia, there is a statute of limitations of two years for slip and fall claims, so it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Get in touch with our firm today. We’ll hear your side of the story in an obligation-free consultation and help you find the best way to move forward.

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