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When you’re in a store or restaurant, you expect the premises to be kept safe. This means you won’t encounter any safety hazards while you’re on the property. But what happens if you’re walking and you slip on liquid and injure yourself? It’s possible you may be eligible for compensation. A Parkersburg slip and fall accident lawyer from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC can assist you.

We’ve fought for the rights of West Virginia citizens for years. The hardworking people in Parkersburg deserve to have representation that will advocate for their best interests. With our experienced lawyers at your side, you’ll know you’re taking the right steps to move forward from your accident.

Before learning more about how we can help you, let’s take a look at premises liability and what can cause slip and fall accidents.

Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are included under an area of personal injury law called premises liability. When someone is visiting another’s property, the property owner is supposed to make the area safe, so no one is harmed while they’re there. This includes taking care of safety hazards in a timely manner or warning and blocking off hazards if they cannot be dealt with immediately.

Slip and fall accidents can be caused by the following:

  • Icy Sidewalks
  • Spills
  • Torn Carpets
  • Uneven Walkways
  • Clutter
  • Poor Lighting
  • Potholes

All these incidents can make a person lose their balance and injure themselves in a fall. These accidents are also preventable. Taking care of sidewalks includes treating them and putting down salt if it’s supposed to be cold. Shoveling and clearing the sidewalks when it snows is also part of that. When there are spills on the floor, the liquid should be cleaned up. If the floor is still wet, putting up a sign cautioning passersby will let them know to walk more carefully.

Torn carpets have holes that can catch on a person’s foot. Walkways should be even so there aren’t ledges to trip a person. Clutter is another major issue that can cause trips. Wires, piles of things, and no clear path can result in people tripping.

Poor lighting could obscure a person’s ability to see what’s in front of them, making them susceptible to any objects or hazards in their way. Potholes can appear in parking lots. If they aren’t fixed, someone can walk right into one and injure their ankle, as well as fall and hit the ground.

Other examples of premises liability include:

If you’ve sustained injuries because of these instances, get in touch with our lawyers today. No matter how your accident occurred, we’re here to help if it happened because of someone else’s negligence. Your accident may have resulted in severe injuries that will prevent you from working for a while and incur extensive medical bills. Let’s look into some of the common types of slip and fall injuries.

How Dangerous Are Slip and Fall Injuries?

After first experiencing a fall, you may feel embarrassed and try to stand up and brush it off. While you may want to quickly get out of the situation and not have other people looking at you if they saw you fall, you should stay put until you’ve given yourself time to recover from the shock.

Suddenly losing your balance and falling can only take a few seconds. You may not realize how you were hurt. It’s better to take a few deep breaths and collect yourself instead of jumping back to your feet.

When you fall, many kinds of dangerous injuries can occur. If your feet slip out from under you, landing on your back and hitting your head are possibilities. Your spine could sustain an injury. Besides causing pain, if the fall is from a height, there’s a chance your spinal cord could be damaged, and this could have permanent consequences. If you hit your head on the ground, the impact could have caused a concussion or possibly a more dangerous brain injury.

Typically, those who are falling try to brace themselves with a hand or side of the arm. Unfortunately, this puts all the impact on one part of the body. Broken arms and sprained wrists are common injuries that occur when this happens.

Hip and leg injuries are also possible. Landing on your hip can cause a fracture. This is especially dangerous for the elderly, as the injury can become infected. It could take a long time before they’re healed and able to walk again. ACL or other ligament tearing are concerns with slip and fall accidents as well.

Your slip and fall injuries may require professional treatment. Calling 911 right after the fall or seeing your doctor soon after the fall will allow you to learn how you were hurt and start a treatment plan. It’s also important for you to report the incident before you leave the premises, so you have a written account of what happened and when.

Our Law Firm Will Fight to Maximize Your Compensation

When you’ve been injured on another’s property, they may attempt to put the blame on you. It’s imperative to have skilled representation on your side. Our lawyers know how to investigate a scene, analyze the accounts of what happened, and look at your medical records to see how the accident affected you. Then, we’ll seek compensation to pay for your losses and so you can have a secure financial future.

To get started on your case, give us a call today. It’s important to act quickly as your case may have a certain time limit you have to adhere to for it to be valid. If you were injured on government property, you could have less time to file. Our lawyers will know the amount of time you have and will help you get everything done and filed properly. Then, we will start helping you recover the damages of your accident.

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