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10 Road Trip Tips for Families with Young Children

Published on Apr 18, 2018 at 12:02 pm in Fun Stuff.

Spending a long time in a car can be exhausting for anybody, but it is especially difficult for families with young children. Crying babies, bored toddlers, extended pit stops, and limited mobility can make everyone in the car feel like the drive will never end. DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC wants every family to reach their summer vacation destination safely and as peacefully as possible.  Here are ten tips you can use to help make car travel a happy and safe experience for your family:

Think “Safety First”. Pack plenty of water and a first aid kit. Basic car safety equipment, such as properly installed car seats, a flashlight, and jumper cables, is important to have in case you experience car trouble.

Charge Your Phone. This will ensure you have a way to reach emergency responders and roadside assistance at all times. Bring a car charger to restore your battery when it is needed.

Get Your Rest. Sleep deprivation can lead to accidents. Making sure you get a good night of sleep before your drive will settle your nerves and make you a safer and more alert driver.

Pack Strategically. Make sure you pack important items that you may need to get to while driving in a convenient place you can easily reach. Having to pull over and unpack a suitcase is frustrating and a waste of precious driving time.

Sync Driving with Your Normal Routine. Plan your road trip around the times when your children are used to doing key things throughout the day. Eating and napping in the car will keep your children busy and help you cover some ground while they are occupied.

Pack Plenty of Snacks. Spill proof sippy-cups and snack cups with lids will keep food and drinks contained, and your children happy and full.

Prepare for Pit Stops. You might as well accept in advance that children are going to require a lot of pit stops and car breaks on a road trip. But being strategic and making the most of them can lead to fewer pit stops and longer stretches of driving. Playing a game in a park or visiting a roadside attraction can break up the boring drive and make everyone feel more content when it is time to drive again.

Choose Kid-friendly Restaurants. Look for restaurants with a playground or play area so toddlers can run, stretch their legs, and burn off some energy.

Keep Kids Entertained. Songs, games, sticker books, and coloring books are all good items to pack to keep a toddler entertained on a road trip.

Save Screen Time for When You Really Need It. Electronic entertainment, such as an iPad or a tablet, can be a great distraction and will keep a toddler busy. But it is important not allow your child to stare at a screen for your entire drive.

Road trips are difficult, but if you are organized and plan your trip well, they can become a part of precious family vacation memories you will always treasure. There may be times when it seems like the trip will never end. Be patient. We promise, you will get there. Drive cautiously, be alert on unfamiliar roads, and always do your best to avoid an accident.

A car accident can turn a family vacation into a tragedy. Should you find yourself involved in a crash, a Charleston car accident lawyer can help your family mend their broken road trip memories. Contact DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC today for a free consultation regarding your West Virginia car accident case.

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