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Is the Truck Driver Liable for an Accident Caused by a Wide Trailer Turn?

Published on Jun 5, 2019 at 11:49 am in Truck Accidents.

You likely will have to share the road with a large truck at some point. They are constantly traveling on busy interstates and highways. When someone is operating a motor vehicle, they have a responsibility to those around them to not endanger anyone around them. This includes everyone—truck drivers, car drivers, and motorcyclists. While trucks have their unique set of challenges, it doesn’t excuse people from driving recklessly. When reckless driving does lead to a truck collision, you need trustworthy representation.

Wide-Turn Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are responsible for a considerably large and heavy vehicle. It’s on them to drive safely. This means they have to be careful when they’re turning the truck so they don’t collide with other cars on the road. Trucks have wide turns, so there are many things that the driver has to do to be as safe as possible.

Some trucks are so large they need to set up the turn for the trailer. This may include briefly turning left before turning right. Truck drivers need to make sure there aren’t cars around them that could get into trouble during the turn. It’s likely that part of the truck could veer into the lanes around them, which is why truck drivers need to check their blind spots. They should also be sure to signal their turn early, so other cars know that they need to get ahead of them or past them. Staying next to the truck on either side could result in an accident.

However, it’s important to remember that car drivers have the same duty of care as truck drivers. It’s entirely possible to have a responsible truck driver who was involved in an accident with a negligent car driver. For example, a truck is turning right where there are two right hand turning lanes. The driver signaled the turn and they are using the outside lane. The car on the inner lane turns right as well, but tries to beat the truck to the turn. They are not able to beat the truck and they collide with the trailer.

Who Is at Fault?

Just because a truck was involved in an accident, it doesn’t automatically mean the truck driver was at fault. Each case is different. No matter what vehicle you were driving, if you were innocent, then you deserve compensation because a negligent driver injured you. There are a few ways that you can help your claim.

Immediately after the accident and the proper emergency responders have been contacted, you should take photographs of the accident. Get every angle and include close-ups and shots of the entire collision. From here, you could show that the other driver could clearly see your turning signal and should have responded accordingly. This could mean giving the vehicle more space or not speeding past them while they try to turn.

Eyewitnesses could help your case as well. Someone could say they saw the truck driver speeding and it caused them to lose control while they were turning. These accounts from a third party can back up what you’re saying.

Determining fault is a careful process. That’s why you need dependable attorneys on your case. We’ll be able to tell how the negligent party acted in a way that caused wrongful injuries. They will be held liable for their actions.

DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, LLC

After a truck collision, it’s possible that you sustained severe injuries. Accidents involving trucks typically result in more life-threatening or life-changing injuries than other motor vehicle accidents. Handling that and a car accident claim can be a lot. We’re here to make sure that you get the help you need so you can work on your recovery.

While the legal process can take time, your rights need to be defended. When an irresponsible truck driver hurts you and puts your life on hold, you can take action to keep moving forward. Get in touch with our Charleston office today so we can get you the settlement you deserve

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