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Car Accident Statistics That May Surprise You

Published on May 8, 2020 at 8:43 am in Car Accidents.

Red car on road

Car accident statistics typically revolve around safety and topics like distracted driving or accidents involving teenage drivers. However, there are some other kinds of statistics that you may have not seen before. You may wonder if there’s a certain color of car that tends to be stopped on the road more often than other vehicle colors. Certain types of cars may be more likely to get tickets than others. Let’s go over car accident statistics that aren’t as well known.

Surprising Car Accident Statistics

While car accidents are often unpredictable, there are some interesting statistics that arise as more data is gathered. Some of those interesting statistics include the following:

Which Holiday Has the Most Traffic Accidents?

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are well-known holidays where people need to travel, the holiday that has the highest traffic accidents is Memorial Day. According to CBS News, Memorial Day had an average of 312 fatal accidents per year from 2011-2015. In fact, summer holidays took up the top three spots, including Labor Day and the Fourth of July. During these holidays, people are driving to places where they can enjoy the warm weather. They’re often looking forward to being with friends or family, the food, and relaxing. With so many people on the road, more accidents are likely to occur. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption may also be a contributing factor to these fatalities.

When Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

Most car accidents tend to happen between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. During this time, drivers are picking up kids from school or leaving work. Also, this time may also be difficult to drive because of the sun setting. This positions the sun in a way where it can get into a driver’s eyes and possibly prevent them from seeing clearly.

Which Poor Road Conditions Cause Most Car Accidents?

One might think that snow and ice cause the most car accidents, but rain and wet pavement actually cause more weather-related vehicle accidents. When it’s raining, the road becomes slippery within minutes. Drivers may still think there isn’t any danger because the rain isn’t a downpour. However, it doesn’t take much rain on the ground for hydroplaning to occur. In these instances, the driver can lose control of the vehicle as their tires lose grip on the road.

Which Color of Car Gets Involved in the Most Accidents?

When people guess the color of car that gets in the most accidents, they’d probably guess loud colors like red or yellow. However, the color car that gets in most accidents is black.

It’s strange to think that a vehicle color can be involve in more accidents than others, but it may make more sense when you think about it in terms of visibility. Darker color cars can blend it, especially at night. Other drives may have difficulty seeing the outline of the car. Those who drive gray or silver cars may also be in danger when they’re driving through fog or snow. On the other hand, bright colors are easy to spot from far away during the day and you’re more likely to see them at night.

Which Car Color Causes the Most Road Rage?

Association for Psychological Science reported in a study that red cars elicited more aggressive responses from drivers. This was seen in a test where a driver stopped at a red light at an intersection. Once the light turned green, the driver didn’t move. When the driver was in a red car, those around them were more likely to honk their horn sooner than if the driver was in a blue, green, black, or white car.

If a driver is exhibiting poor driving behaviors, the drivers around them need to be cautious. However, if that dangerous driver is in a red car, then others around them may be more likely to act aggressively. This can lead to road rage, where the other drivers are more concerned with what the other driver is doing than driving safely.

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