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Can You Sue Multiple Parties in a Multi Vehicle Crash?

Published on Jun 28, 2021 at 3:12 pm in Car Accidents.

Can You Sue Multiple Parties in a Multi Vehicle Crash

Being the victim of a car accident with only one other vehicle or only another object is hard enough. When there are multiple vehicles involved, it can make it even more complicated on every level. You might suffer from more injuries and damages, and you might not know who you can hold accountable for what happened to you.

With the help of a car accident lawyer from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC, you can feel confident that your claim will be as strong as possible. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your attorneys know what they’re doing—at our firm, we have experience handling all kinds of car accident claims and will make sure we take special care with yours.

Options After a Multiple Vehicle Collision

When you’ve been in an accident that involved multiple vehicles and you sustained injuries that were caused by someone else, you’re probably interested in holding the person or parties responsible for the damages they’ve inflicted on you. But you might not know where to start, or if you can hold more than one party accountable in your claim.

With a lawyer on your side, this process can be much easier. They’ll start by determining who initially caused the accident. This will help figure out who is the most at fault for the crash. Once it’s figured out who was the first person whose negligence caused the accident, your attorney can start investigating if any other parties were negligent and if their actions contributed to the collision.

From there, your lawyer will help you figure out who you can hold accountable and if you’re able to sue more than one party for being at fault in a multi vehicle crash. Taking on more than one party in your legal claim might seem overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced car accident lawyer fighting for you.

They’ll know how to handle your case and ensure that it is as strong as possible. They’ll also make sure they use all of the relevant evidence to prove that there were multiple drivers or parties at fault for causing the multiple vehicle pileup. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of evidence your attorney might use to prove the other parties were at fault.

Evidence Your Lawyer Will Use

Proving negligence is key when you’re taking on multiple parties for a car accident. There are different forms of evidence that your attorney will look into so they can prove one or more parties were the ones who caused what happened to you. Here are some of the most common forms of evidence we see in car wrecks with more than three vehicles involved:

  • Police reports. Your lawyer will use police reports that were made about the accident to determine who was at fault for the collision. Police will record data and make notes of who they have perceived to have caused the accident.
  • Witness statements. On top of police reports, your lawyer will talk to witnesses from the accident. Their statements will help them figure out exactly what happened and which parties were responsible for the crash.
  • Dash cameras. These are some of the best forms of evidence. Cameras in cars’ dashes record what a driver sees, which can help provide a video of the collision. While witness statements are decent evidence, memory can be unreliable, and videos are the most reliable form of proof. Traffic cameras at intersections also might have caught the accident on video, which could be used in court.
  • Photographs. Similar to dash cams, photographs of the scene can provide solid proof of the damages that occurred in the wreck. While these can’t show exactly what happened, they can show the outcome which helps with the next form of evidence.
  • Accident recreations. Experts might be brought in to recreate the accident. Through science and looking at the end result of the damages, they can determine who caused the collision.

Our Firm Can Help You Recover Compensation

When you’ve been in a wreck with more than one other driver or passenger involved, you might be concerned about the legal undertaking that could mean for you. You deserve to recover compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered, and you shouldn’t have to worry about all the costs you incurred.

With the help of a car accident lawyer in Charleston, you can ensure that you recover exactly what you’re owed and have the confidence not to settle for less than you deserve. Reach out to our office today so we can get started working for you.

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