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What Injuries Are Motorists Most Likely To Suffer in High-Speed Crashes?

Published on Jul 22, 2022 at 2:12 pm in Car Accidents.

high speed crash

Speed is a key factor in determining the severity of a motor vehicle crash. The faster the speed of the vehicles at the time of the collision, the more likely it is that occupants will suffer catastrophic injuries or death. High-speed crashes can rob accident victims of their health, mobility, mental capacity, and even their life. In 2019, speeding killed more than 25 people every day. 

If your life was changed by the immeasurable consequences of a speed-involved car accident, we may be able to help. At DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC, we have experience defending clients who suffered catastrophic injuries or the death of a loved one in a high-speed collision. Our car accident attorneys advocate for crash victims harmed by another driver’s negligent actions. We serve individuals and families in Charleston, WV and the surrounding areas.  

High-Speed Crash Injuries

What injuries are motorists most likely to suffer in high-speed crashes? The physical damage inflicted on vehicle occupants in a high-speed crash is radically different from the bumps and bruises of a mild fender bender. 

At high-velocity impact, the human body can suffer irreparable damage. Seat belts, air bags, and aspects of vehicle design intended to protect drivers and passengers are less effective at high speeds. Glass and metal vehicle parts may even break, shatter, and become a cause of injury themselves. In a high-speed crash, accident victims often endure both impact injuries (from blunt force trauma) and penetration injuries (when external objects pierce and enter the body). 

Whether it is a single-vehicle crash, a two-car collision, or a multi-car pileup, the injuries suffered in a speeding-caused accident are rarely minor. Below are listed some of the most common injuries motorists are most likely to suffer in a high-speed crash.   

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Severe brain injuries lead to lifelong physical and cognitive health complications. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be caused by a powerful impact between the skull and a solid object or a penetration injury. A mild TBI, like a concussion, generally has a good prognosis, but victims of severe TBIs often suffer coma or death. A head injury sustained in a high-speed crash may cause a skull fracture, bleeding, and contusions in the brain.  

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spine is a highly sensitive area of the body that can easily suffer irreversible damage in a speeding accident. When crash victims sustain spinal cord injuries (SCIs) they may never fully recover. An SCI is likely to cause paralysis in part or all of the body.  

Broken Bones

Shattered bones are common in catastrophic collisions. Limbs can be caught, crushed, and twisted in parts of the vehicle. If a bone fragment travels and punctures an organ, the victim may be killed. It is highly dangerous when broken ribs puncture the lungs and prevent the victim from getting the oxygen they need. An urgent situation like this requires immediate medical attention.  

Internal Organ Damage

Because internal organ damage may not be immediately evident, it’s important to know the symptoms that indicate you were injured in a car accident. If left untreated, internal bleeding and damage to organs can be fatal. Bleeding is rapid and may cause a victim to progress to an untreatable state in a matter of minutes. It’s imperative that internal injuries be treated immediately by emergency medical providers. 

Loss of Limb

Arms and legs can be damaged so severely in a speeding collision that amputation is necessary to save the victim’s life. Although this life-saving procedure may be necessary in some cases, the effects of an amputation are far-reaching on a patient’s life. Mobility loss, risk of infection, phantom pain, emotional trauma, and social impact are only a few of the ways a person is affected by the loss of a limb.  

Crash Prevention Techniques

It’s said that the best driving is defensive driving. By maintaining constant alertness on the road, you can look out for and (in many cases) avoid potential accident threats. 

One of the most basic rules for safe driving is to keep your speed in check. Speeding puts yourself and others at risk. It’s a dangerous behavior that is very often fatal. Survivors of high-speed collisions may be left with disfigurement, permanent scarring, mental or physical disability, blindness, or paralysis.

While most of us are familiar with many of these crash prevention techniques, we hope this list can serve as a reminder that every driver should do their part to keep the roads safe for all of us.

  • Never speed or drive too fast for conditions.
  • Never text and drive.
  • Never drive intoxicated.
  • Only drive when you are adequately rested. 
  • Keep distractions of all types to a minimum as much as possible.
  • Continually scan the road ahead for hazards, obstacles, and changing conditions.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. 
  • Never engage with a reckless or aggressive driver.
  • Adapt your speed and driving behaviors to weather and traffic conditions.
  • Follow the rules of the road, but be aware that others may not.
  • Never assume the actions of another driver.  

Practicing safe driving habits saves lives. Yet there are times when nothing can be done to stop a negligent driver from causing an accident. If another person’s recklessness on the road caused you significant harm, a Charleston car accident attorney from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC is available to offer support in the form of expert legal guidance.     

Seek Recovery After a Catastrophic Car Accident

The long-term impact of car accident injuries extends much farther than many people realize. If you were the victim of a high-speed crash, we understand that your life may be drastically different than it was before the collision. 

The experienced car accident attorneys from DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC will consider every way your life has been impacted by the high-speed crash. We will calculate every loss, tangible or intangible, in order to secure the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Contact us by phone or via our online contact form to begin a conversation with an attorney practiced in complicated car accident cases. 

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