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Getting behind the wheel while drunk is not only a crime that can lead to jail time, heavy fines, and a license suspension, but it’s a reckless act that places the driver’s life, the lives of any passengers, and the lives of everyone on the road around them at risk. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, you need the help of a Charleston drunk driving accident lawyer. At DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC, we make justice and recovery obtainable.

West Virginia and federal laws prohibit drivers from getting behind the wheel with an alcohol level at or above 0.08% BAC, but everyone knows someone who insists on driving after having a few drinks. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious problem in the United States and destroys lives. By holding the guilty party responsible for their decision to drive while intoxicated, you can save the lives of other potential victims—as well as receive peace of mind and much-needed financial compensation.

Sobering Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

Did you know that intoxicated driving is the most frequently committed crime in the U.S.? On an average day, about 30 people die in an alcohol-related crash. That amounts to one fatality every 50 minutes. Drunk driving accidents claim more than 10,000 lives every single year. These fatal car accidents can cost up to $44 billion in a year.

In West Virginia, alcohol is one of the top causes for car accidents. In 2018, there were 148 drunk driving fatalities in our state alone. About 130 driver fatalities had known BAC (blood alcohol concentration) results, and there were 18 estimated driver fatalities with BACs either at or above 0.08%. These numbers are staggering, considering these crashes are 100% preventable.

If we all did our part to stop ourselves from sitting in the driver’s seat after consuming alcohol and stopped those we knew from doing the same, West Virginia’s roads would be substantially safer.

West Virginia Drunk Driving Laws

While you may know that the limit for drivers is 0.08%, there are different limits for other types of drivers. For commercial drivers, the limit is 0.04%. For drivers aged 21 and younger, West Virginia has a zero-tolerance policy. If any driver under 21 is caught with a BAC of 0.02% or higher, they can face severe penalties.

West Virginia residents can face various criminal and DMV charges when they are caught driving under the influence and convicted of a DUI. State courts, in conjunction with the DMV, may decide to suspend a guilty driver’s license, impose heavy fines, mandate an ignition interlock device, and/or assign jailtime. The exact penalties will depend on the nature of the incident that occurred as well as the level of intoxication at the time of the incident.

In addition to these penalties and any criminal charges in place, a victim of an accident caused by an inebriated driver can file a personal injury lawsuit against the guilty party. Lawsuits are civil claims and are designed to help an injured victim obtain the compensation they need to completely recover from an accident or incident that should not have occurred.

A drunk driving claim can award a family with compensation that can go towards past, current, and future medical bills, therapy and other recovery-associated costs, loss of wage costs, and more. Filing a claim can be difficult in the state of West Virginia. You’ll need the expertise of a skilled and knowledgeable Charleston drunk driving accident lawyer to succeed.

Common Alcohol-Related Accident Injuries

Drunk driving accidents tend to be serious in nature and can cause a large variety of injuries. These crashes are often caused by drivers who are recklessly traveling at unsafe speeds, which can make a resulting wreck especially devastating.

Our sympathetic and experienced Charleston drunk driving accident attorneys can assist you in receiving compensation for any manner of injuries and how they’ve affected you. The injuries you can recover from include but are not limited to:

In the case of a wrongful death claim where a loved one dies in an unfortunate crash caused by an inebriated driver, the deceased’s family members will file the lawsuit on behalf of the victim and receive compensation that can go towards funeral costs, loss of income costs, and loss of protection, comfort, and care costs. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. When we’re fighting for you, we’ll do everything we can to get you full and fair compensation so you can mourn your loved one without significant financial stress.

Our lawyers will also assess the noneconomic consequences of your injuries. This can include damages like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish. While these consequences may not have a monetary amount attached to them like hospital bills and lost wages, they are still painful results of the accident.

These types of damages take an expert to evaluate. The lawyers at our law firm have experience in assessing noneconomic damages and ensuring that your compensation reflects the losses you’ve suffered. You’ll have the financial security you deserve so you can work on your recovery with confidence.

Our West Virginia Attorneys Have Recovered Millions

At DiPiero Simmons McGinley & Bastress, PLLC, our firm is committed to making our roads safer. With nearly 150 years of combined experience, we know the devastating impact a drunk driver can have on you and your family. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an alcohol-related crash, you should get in touch today.

At our law office, our Charleston drunk driving accident lawyers work together as a team. This approach means that multiple lawyers could be working on your case, not just one. This method enables us to provide the compassionate and consummate support your injury case deserves.

You can start the process to seek compensation today. Contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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